Photo : P. HeuretBotanical references

Flora of the Guianas: under construction..

Checklist of the Plants of the Guianas: used as the basic list of species.

Fungal and Plant Diversity of Central French Guiana Database: botanical inventory of the area around Saül, central French Guiana.


Herbier de Guyane (CAY) : herbarium of the Institute for Research and Development (Aublet 2 database), our reference in case of disagreement between sources..

Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Utrecht University branch: herbarium samples for over 2500 taxa.


The Amazon Tree Diversity Network: biodiversity measurement plot network in Amazonia.

Plant diversity in Guyana: consequences for a network of protected areas.

Thematic sites

Climbers of Guyana: lianas.

Fruits of the Amazon Flora: fruits.

Melastomataceae of the World

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