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FamilyGenusSpeciesSiteEnvironmentMean LightMin LightMax LightOntogenetic stageTraitUnitMeanNumberStandard deviationObservations
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingCm%51.04561.165 
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingJmaxµmol m-2s-173.01764.569 
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingLTµm218.307619.423 
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingNm%1.96060.323 
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingSLAm2kg-110.72662.287 
CaesalpiniaceaeEperuagrandifloraKourou GlasshousesGlasshouse30%30%30%SaplingVcmaxµmol m-2s-136.89361.876 


Conditions of measurement. A value is defined by:

Data (average, standard deviation and number of measures) are computed from individual values of the same species, at the same ontogenetic stage and in the same environment.

Individual data include the relative level of light, and detailed information on the environment (subtype). Both can be used as filters for measures to be taken into account. The ontogenetic stage can also be selected. To select several items in the list, use Ctrl+Click.

Click on an average value to get individual measures.

Click on a column header to sort it.

References for diplayed data

Coste S., Roggy Jc., Imbert P., Born C., Bonal D., and E. Dreyer (2005). Leaf photosynthetic traits in 14 tropical rainforest species in relation to nitrogen content and shade tolerance Tree Physiology. 25 (9): 1127-1137

Each measure reference is available in the tables of individual values.

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