Choice of the trait

Delta C13d13C  Open
Leaf blade surface areaLAcm2  Open
Leaf Dry Matter ContentLDMCmg/g  Open
Leaf ThicknessLTµm  Open
Leaf Weight RatioLWRg/g  Open
Mass-based foliar Carbon RateCm%On dry matter Open
Mass-based foliar Nitrogen RateNm%On dry matter Open
Max Carboxylation rateVcmaxµmol m-2s-1  Open
Max photosynthetic AssimilationAmaxµmol m-2s-1  Open
Max photosynthetic electron flowJmaxµmol m-2s-1  Open
Relative Growth RateRGRmg/g/d  Open
Root : Shoot RatioRSg/g  Open
SPAD indexSPADSPAD Unit  Open
Specific Leaf AreaSLAm2kg-1  Open
Stomatal conductanceGsµmol CO2cm-2s-1  Open

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Last update on 2/28/2011