Functional traits

Individual data

TraitUnitTreeSitePlotSubplotLightEnvironment Type /Sub-typeValueObservationsReferences
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-S-6Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 92.34545  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-S-8Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 94.33046  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-S-9Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 73.77089  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-T-1Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 55.51512  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-T-2Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 71.84097  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-T-3Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 100.2945  2
Jmaxµmol m-2s-1Ef-T-4Kourou Glasshouses--30%Glasshouse 71.96249  2


Species trait values are the means of individual measures realized at a particular developmental stage, in given environment and light conditions. This table details the individual values:

  • Individual identification
  • Detailed environment(type and sub-type)
  • Relative light level
  • Measured value

The reference indicates the origin of the measure.

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