Interspecific variability of δ13C

SitePlotTaxonVarietyObs.nd13Cd13C SDCarboneCarbon SDNitrogenNitrogen SD
Piste de Saint EliePAbarema curvicarpa (Mimosaceae)var. curvicarpa 1-29.22     
Piste de Saint EliePAbarema jupunba (Mimosaceae)var. jupunba 1-29.38     
Piste de Saint EliePAmanoa congesta (Euphorbiaceae)  1-29.62     
Piste de Saint EliePBalizia pedicellaris (Mimosaceae)  1-28.29     
Piste de Saint EliePBocoa prouacensis (Caesalpiniaceae)  3-29.731.07    
Piste de Saint EliePBrosimum guianense (Moraceae)  1-29.57     
Piste de Saint EliePCarapa procera (Meliaceae)  3-31.070.19    
Piste de Saint EliePCatostemma fragrans (Bombacaceae)  131.44     
Piste de Saint EliePChaetocarpus schomburgkianus (Euphorbiaceae)  1-33.84     
Piste de Saint EliePCouepia caryophylloides (Chrysobalanaceae)  1-30.69     


Data are given for subspecies in order to keep all information provided by the authors:

  • Number of individuals measured.
  • d13C (‰).
  • d13C standard deviation.
  • Leaf nitrogen concentration (%) when available, with standard deviation.
  • Carbon concentration (%) when available, with standard deviation.

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