Collinet's Groups

Grouping attempts by Collinet (1997) for 35 structuring species in Paracou by multivariate analyses.Essai


Height groups

Preferences for hydromorphy

Edaphic preferences

Spatial structure


In order to allow a more synthetic view of the sptaial structure of Guiana primary forest, attempts were made to group 35 "structuring" species, counting for half the number and basal area of trees. These species have been analyzed successively following 4 criteria to give:

  • 8 height groups.
  • 4 edaphic preference groups, defined by the highest relative density of each species. See also the comparison between soil studies.
  • 4 groups of horizontal spatial structure.
  • 7 groups of seed dispersal mode.

Comparing these typologies show that no consistent group can be built by combining them.

Dispersal modes can be found in the seeds and fruits section.

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