Nitrogen Nutrition

ParcelleSiteTaxonN Status d15Nd15N standard dev.N LeafN Leaf standard dev.NodulationNodule morphologySeedling NodulationSeedling Nodulation morphologyARA
OxisoilsSaint Elie TrackDicorynia guianensis (Caesalpiniaceae)Non fixing reference legume4.930.12.170.05plants without nodulesUndeterminedplants without nodulesUndeterminednot determined
White sandsWhite SandsDicorynia guianensis (Caesalpiniaceae)Non fixing reference legume1.940.251.920.1plants without nodulesUndeterminedundeterminedUndeterminednot determined


  • Site and plot: experimental site with soil type.
  • Nitrogen status, according to the groups:
    • Not sampled,
    • N-fixing legume,
    • Non fixing legume,
    • Non legume.
  • Measured d15 N (%).
  • Standard deviation of d15N (%).
  • Leaf N (%) content, in % of dry matter.
  • Standard deviation of Leaf N (%).
  • Nodules: plants with / without nodules / not examined.
  • Nodule morphology: astragaloid, aeschynomenoid, crotalaroid, desmodiod, muconoid.
  • Seedling nodules: seedling with / without nodules / not examined.
  • Seedling nodules morphology: astragaloid, aeschynomenoid, crotalaroid, desmodiod, muconoid.
  • Ara, Acetylene Reduction Assay: indicator of N-fixing efficiency, positive reports or not carried out.

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Last update on 2/28/2011