Favrichon Groups


Group: n<15, Heliophilic taxa, canopy

TaxonDawkins indexRecrutement rateMortality rateA1A2A3A4A5A6A7DmaxObservations
Antonia ovata (Loganiaceae)3.5000.370.330.28-0.080.620.160.0262.5 
Balizia pedicellaris (Mimosaceae)4.50001.27000.720.30.1384.3 
Ficus maxima (Moraceae)5000000000.3753.9 
Lueheopsis rosea (Tiliaceae)2.5500000.1400007.7 
Lueheopsis rugosa (Tiliaceae)3.2000.120.320.360.1600.1-0.1347.4 
Parkia pendula (Mimosaceae)3000.040000.3100.8831.2 
Schefflera morototoni (Araliaceae)2000.130.2200000.4426.5 
Simarouba amara (Simaroubaceae)5000000000.2411.1 
Tachigali paniculata (Caesalpiniaceae)2.3000.290.410.6901.281.110  
Terminalia amazonia (Combretaceae)3000.28000-0.1900.1220.2 
Vochysia tomentosa (Vochysiaceae)3.6000.41000000.9135.1 


Bad-determined species (genus only) have not been included.

For each species:

  • Dawkins index (mean).
  • Annual recrutment rate as % of the initial number (in controls plots between 1991 and 1992).
  • Annual mortality rate as % of the initial number (in controls plots between 1991 and 1992): the author expresses his doubts about these results because of "the little number of individuals and the too short observing period to evaluate this particurlarly variable phenomenon".
  • Growth rate for each diameter class: absolute growth in cm per year in the control plots of Paracou. The 7 diameter classes are (cm): 10-14.9; 15-19.9; 20-24.9; 25-29.9; 30-40; 40-50; 50 andd over.
  • Dmax: 95th percentile of the diameter.
  • Observations: mainly botanical updates.

NB: Growth values could not be included for Cordia sagotii (Borraginaceae).

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