Fundamental data


The taxonomic list of species of Guiana detailed down to variety or subspecies give information about the geographical spread on the plateau of Guianas and their eventual human origin (introduced or cultivated), after Boggan et al. (1997).

The reference is the checklist of the plants of the Guianas, limited to spermatophytes. Taxa that are not in the Checklist but can be found at the Cayenne herbarium are added with their sample number . Non-botanical data generally only concern trees.

A species can be found by its family or its genus, a part of its name (search a taxon), or its vernacular name.

A species called "sp." has been added to each genus to allow finding data when the genus only has been determined.

Each taxon's characteristics are:

  • Presence in French Guiana, Guyana and Surinam, and at the Mount Roraima site (Guyana).
  • Any doubts about this presence
  • Possibility of human introduction.

When species are not in the Checklist but are at the Cayenne herbarium:

  • Absence from the checklist of the plants of the Guianas.
  • Sample number at the herbarium.

Bad identifications

Misidentification may be:

  • Synonyms: the species name has been updated, e.g. Sclerolobium melinonii (Caesalpiniaceae)= Tachigali melinonii (Caesalpiniaceae).
  • Confusions, such as species that are not in the Guianas, eg: Attalea funifera Mart (Arecaeae).

All bad identification are included in the database, except for Poaceae and Orchidaceae. A comment usually clarifies the confusions, and a link to the correct synonym allows users to find the correct record.

Species vernacular names

List of corresponding scientific and vernacular names.


The list of field sites in French Guiana where data were collected, along with site main characteristics (location, soil, area).


List of all the references used in the database.

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