Soil Studies

Paget (1999) and Sabatier et al. (1997) use a slightly different sampling protocol. Paget (1999) only worked in mature forests while Sabatier et al. (1997) included windfalls. The main consequence is littler variability in Paget (1999) than in Sabatier et al. (1997).

Possible equivalences

Equivalences are not obvious since methods are different. Yet, Paget's group VI (free vertical draining at piste de Saint-Élie) perfectly fit Sabatier's type 1 (free vertical draining). Moreover, Paget's group IV (deep saprolite) and V (superficial saprolite) are close to Sabatier's type 3 (SLD 1) and 4 (SLD 2). The figure below shows possible correspondences.

Equivalences between soils

Relations can also be found between Collinet (1997) and Sabatier. The useful soil depth EP2 (> 100 cm) corresponds to type 1 (DVD), 2 (Alt) and 3 (SLD 2) by Sabatier.

Even though Sabatier's type 9 (surface hydromorphy) cannot be considered as a well-defined soil (surface hydromorphy can be met in other soil types), it is close to Collinet's low land and hydromorphy.

Data access

Collinet (1997) : edaphic preferences of 35 species in Paracou.
Paget (1999) : edaphic preferences compared between Saint-Élie and Crique Plomb sites
Sabatier (1997) : edaphic preferences in the site of Saint-Élie.

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