Tabebuia impetiginosa    (Mart. ex DC.) Standl., Bignoniaceae

Tabebuia impetiginosa

Vernacular names

Origin(Observations)Vernacular nameObservations
Most used namedIn French Guyanaebene rose 
Brasil ipe 
Brasil pau d'arco amarelo 
Guyana hakia 
Guyana iron wood 
Surinam groenhart 
Paramaka lebi guinaati 
Ndjuka lebi guinaati 
Creole ebene rose 

Samples of EcoFoG work collection: Cayenne Herbarium: Virtual Tree Guide of the Guianas: Central French Guiana Database: The International Plant Names Index :

Available data


  • Data unavailable



  • Status with regards to nitrogen unavailable


  • d13C unavailable


  • Photosynthesis traits unavailable


  • Wood density unavailable
  • Wood durability unavailable
  • Tension wood unavailable

Soil-vegetation Relations

  • Soil depth preference groups by Collinet unavailable
  • Hydromorphy preference groups by Collinet unavailable
  • Edaphic preferences by Paget unavailable
  • Edaphic preferences by Sabatier unavailable

Forest dynamics

  • Pioneer species and seed bank unavailable
  • Favrichon groups unavailable
  • Height groups by Collinet unavailable
  • Horizontal spatial structure unavailable

Architecture and phenology

  • Morphology of seedlings unavailable
  • Architectural pattern unavailable
  • Vegetative phenology unavailable
  • Reproductive phenology unavailable


  • Pollen dispersal unavailable
  • Fruits and seeds
  • Reproductive phenology unavailable

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